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Oct 2019 - Edmonton Oilers Opening Video

The show starts off with a countdown to grab fan attention. I was tasked in the few weeks prior to launch to infuse the countdown with shots of Edmonton's ICE District. Along with the epic soundtrack and light show, each game the player list and team logos are updated.

The main part of the open was built all in-house, with the exception of filming the key player headshots with help from TriGlass Productions. The goal was to build a video without telling a story in order to keep it evergreen, all while hyping fans. In order to execute the ask, I proposed a 3D logo build concept, while having parallel action of hockey highlights that can be updated weekly.

The 3D build features the power of high-tech industry, breaking down raw materials to extract the Oilers iconic oil drop within, to complete the final piece of the logo.


Edmonton Oilers

Story, Direction, & Production:

Christopher Schultz

Additional Production Help:

TriGlass Productions


Ticking Time Bomb by Jack Trammell

Crazy Train by Joseph William Morgan

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